Compensating a Family for their Belongings Destroyed in a Flood

A single mother living in New England with two daughters, one of whom with special needs, saw the pipes in the apartment above burst and flood their living quarters. She didn’t have a tenant insurance policy, and most of the family’s possessions were either ruined or severely damaged.

The British Charitable Society sent a gift certificate of $1,000 to help the family replace essential items.


Supporting a Family During a Medical Crisis

A Scottish man came to Rhode Island on a work visa with his wife and two children, and became a permanent resident after working for the same company for 17 years. His partner, who hadn’t enjoyed the time here, went home for a death in the family to return home and never came back.  They eventually divorced; the son remained in Scotland with his mother, but the fully employed daughter stayed in RI with her father. 

Shortly thereafter, he became sick with multiple serious medical conditions… Read more >>

Raising Funds to Help a Family Relocate for a Better Life

A British family with three children living in Massachusetts were struggling to find work.  One parent had been out of work for two years – he went to a job center every day and occasionally got day work but not enough to pay family bills. The other had applied for over 100 casual jobs without success. 

The British Charitable Society was able to help by paying their rent and several bills, but without full-time employment there was little hope of avoiding going into a housing shelter, separating the husband and young son from the mother and girls. 


Getting a Single Father’s Car Fixed So He Can Keep His Job

A 36-year-old Wolverhampton man, solely responsible for his 3-year-old daughter, worked two jobs in northern Vermont.  Because of unexpected and significant car repair needs far beyond his means, he became unable to get to either of his places of employment. 

One of our volunteers obtained an estimate from a local repair shop…


Helping an Under-employed Father Cover His Rent and Utilities

A 32-year-old man from Hertfordshire, married with two young children including a newborn, was laid off from his job in the US. He found temporary work and was receiving some state aid, but his family were encountering severe financial problems when he contacted us. 

The British Charitable Society provided rental arrears and paid the utility bills.


Helping a Divorced Mother Get Back On Her Feet

A 37 year-old woman in MA with two teenage daughters divorced her American husband, and was advised that she would be unable to remain in the US. 

Applying for a revised visa triggered a revocation of her current visa, and while her application was pending she was unable to continue working – a circumstance she was unprepared for. To add to her difficulties, she remarried but her new husband unexpectedly lost his job and could only find occasional work.