What We Do

The British Charitable Society is a private foundation that helps British nationals in New England through emergencies by providing one-off relief and support.  First established back in 1816, we work across the six states to support British citizens and those from the British Overseas Territories who find themselves in crisis.

Most people who apply for help have enjoyed a normal lifestyle, interrupted by illness or accident or some other disruption to family income. Within a very short space of time they find themselves in debt and then in crisis. Help may not be available or takes time, and often the family faces the prospect of eviction or loss of utilities. We provide financial aid to ease the crisis and help plot a pathway through. But our value is more than just financial; we provide much needed care and support to those in need, sometimes desperately.  That kindness alone can make the difference between despair and hope.

How we help

Our caring and compassionate volunteers work with applicants to understand their situation and how we can most effectively help them back on their feet and on to a brighter future.  We provide financial aid for whatever would be most helpful in that situation; each circumstance is unique but our aid most often includes:

  • Temporary coverage of rent and utilities;
  • Help covering documentation or immigration fees;
  • Emergency travel and repatriation costs;
  • Connection to community human services charities and services.

Our aid is restricted to short-term, one-off assistance, with payments usually made to a vendor of goods and services rather than the applicant directly. We are unable to cover medical costs or legal fees.