Supporting a Family During a Medical Crisis

A Scottish man came to Rhode Island on a work visa with his wife and two children, and became a permanent resident after working for the same company for 17 years. His partner, who hadn’t enjoyed the time here, went home for a death in the family to return home and never came back.  They eventually divorced; the son remained in Scotland with his mother, but the fully employed daughter stayed in RI with her father. 

Shortly thereafter, he became sick with multiple serious medical conditions and was pronounced terminally ill. His daughter provided home nursing, took him for hospital appointments and treatment sessions, as well as managing their home and continuing to work. But as a result, her own health suffered and worsened to the point where she had to give up her job and could barely write, walk, or drive. The State issued Temporary Disability Insurance to cover both of them, but the many medical expenses drained all their savings and left them behind with bills. 

The British Charitable Society immediately paid their rent arrears and upon learning that his dying wish was to return to Scotland, partnered with the Scottish Charitable Society to fund their flight costs and help him and his daughter fly home. 

He passed away less than 48 hours after arriving back in Scotland. His daughter returned to the US and recovered to do well.

* identities changed for privacy