Helping Brits in Need in New England

If you or a family member are citizens of the UK or the British Overseas Territories and are in need of help, we are here for you.

Our Stories

“It showed me that there are still some decent people on this earth”

“Excellent help when I needed assistance to get from Boston back to the the UK due to some hardship.  The BCS were able to provide short-term accommodation, food and transport to the airport.  After a very traumatic experience, once I contacted the charity, they finally got me home and out of the bad situation I was in. It showed me that there are still some decent people on this earth.”


“Truly thankful and grateful… what a difference you all have made”

“Me and the girls have received our work permits, [we] are now working… it’s just through an agency as temps, but we are both doing very well. It’s not anything permanent but it’s a start. The next news is just last week we went to Boston for our interviews for our permanent residence and I’m very happy to inform you that all three of us are approved. The attorney you put us in touch with is truly the best. She stayed by our side every bit of the way. And with the help of all the people involved, including yourself…


“I will always be eternally grateful for your help, and thank you from the bottom of my heart”

“I received your support to resettle back to England. When I requested your help I was desperate to save my son. He had been over-diagnosed and over- medicated in the USA. We have now been living in England for four years. He is on no medication and is thriving in a local school with an amazing support system. He has gained the confidence to walk to and from school by himself, has made friends, participates and has won an award in debate club. These are things that I never imagined could ever be possible while we were living in America,…


Compensating a Family for their Belongings Destroyed in a Flood

A single mother living in New England with two daughters, one of whom with special needs, saw the pipes in the apartment above burst and flood their living quarters. She didn’t have a tenant insurance policy, and most of the family’s possessions were either ruined or severely damaged.

The British Charitable Society sent a gift certificate of $1,000 to help the family replace essential items.