Raising Funds to Help a Family Relocate for a Better Life

A British family with three children living in Massachusetts were struggling to find work.  One parent had been out of work for two years – he went to a job center every day and occasionally got day work but not enough to pay family bills. The other had applied for over 100 casual jobs without success. 

The British Charitable Society was able to help by paying their rent and several bills, but without full-time employment there was little hope of avoiding going into a housing shelter, separating the husband and young son from the mother and girls. 

One was offered a job on a farm across the country, but with no way of finding the moving costs, the Society, alongside several generous supporters, were able to provide the family travel costs to fund the move and give them a fresh new start. 

The family found their home together, the parents entered work and the children settled in school.

* identities changed for privacy