“Truly thankful and grateful… what a difference you all have made”

“Me and the girls have received our work permits, [we] are now working… it’s just through an agency as temps, but we are both doing very well. It’s not anything permanent but it’s a start.

The next news is just last week we went to Boston for our interviews for our permanent residence and I’m very happy to inform you that all three of us are approved. The attorney you put us in touch with is truly the best. She stayed by our side every bit of the way. And with the help of all the people involved, including yourself and The British Society, my family has made it through when I never thought we would.

The only thing left now is to work, work, work so hopefully sometime this year we will freely be able to go home and finally see my family. That is my biggest dream and goal right now, as it has been so long.

Please if you could pass this news onto the Society and if you could let them know how truly thankful and grateful we are and what a difference you all have made. And a very personal thank you to you. I’ll be in touch. Thank you!”

* identities changed for privacy